About Senior Residential Choices….

We are an Assisted Living Placement Service for seniors that finds the best choices of residential care facilities for your loved ones. With our experience, knowledge and kindness, we make this process easier and less stressful. We save you time, energy and money. Our clients trust us!

We are unique because:

  • We are unique because we have been in business for over a decade and we have experience in working in health care as well as senior residential services
  • Our staff is composed of licensed residential care administrators who are familiar with the most current rules for residential care
  • Facilities are personally inspected and evaluated by our staff
  • We educate our clients to understand the value of each facility that is being reccomended, in terms of level of care, services and finacial costs.
  • We do the research for you and make direct contact with each facility with your loved one's needs in mind.
  • We hand-hold each of our clients and follow their progress from start to move-in and after placement
Levels of Services
  • Level One Service is free which provides a personal consultation and a specific list of recommendations for your loved one
  • Level Two Service has a refundable deposit which offers guided tours to specific facilities